Personal coach who teaches you to convert ideas into working projects.

We are living in a world where everything is now getting automated and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other Computer Science technologies are expected to create significant disruption in almost every industry in the the years ahead. Getting familiar with Computer Science and Engineering are going to be significant value add for anyone.

Computer Science and Engineering disciplines dominate the Silicon Valley and create most number of highly successful businesses in the US. These skills are highly sought after and ensure satisfying and financially secure future.


Having the ability to convert ideas into working projects will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Coding knowledge will help you get started on a journey of creating, making and innovation.

It’s expected that by 2020 there will be 1.4 million computing jobs available but there will be only 400,000 computer science students available. It’s $500 billion opportunity at stake. Even now, around 60% of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) jobs are Computing (Computer Science / Computer Programming) jobs.*


The ProWonks model of teaching computer science with one-to-one mentorship, using a project-based approach, makes learning easy, interesting and fun. In ProWonks class you don’t need to keep pace with the class. The teacher goes at your pace. Conceptual understanding in this teaching model is very deep and will create a great career and innovation opportunities in your life.

ProWonks model teaches computer science step-by-step which gives you adequate time to absorb and understand the material. The learning is more thorough than a typical coding bootcamp and costs a fraction of what typical coding bootcamps cost. Having a dedicated and commitment mentor assigned to you takes learning to a completely new level. Students typically stay in touch with their mentors even after the program is over. These mentors shall serve as your guides for a long time to come.

Typical coding bootcamps cost thousands of dollars and require student to commit to paying that huge amount even if the student doesn’t like the program after he or she gets started. ProWonks on the other hand has no long-term commitment. You pay a small affordable free every 4-weeks and you can stop the class any time with 2-week notice. Learning to code has never been so low risk till now.

You can learn computer programming at any age and this program is equally great for college students, working professionals or those who have retired.

ProWonks Computer Science program is better than any coding bootcamp while costing a small fraction of what other programs charge. Here are the reasons that make it better than every other program:


Comprehensive curriculum that is well-documented. Also, every coding mentor is trained and certified on the curriculum.

Qualified, Highly Experienced Coaches:

A typical ProWonks Coach has more than a thousand hours of teaching experience. Every coach has a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or engineering. Most of them have Master's Degrees.

Dedicated coach access:

Every student has a dedicated coach assigned to them. Students can reach them using the ProWonks app or using e-mail.

24x7 access to online content on student portal:

Every student gets access to ProWonks lessons, where one can find slides, concept-animation, videos, questions, quizzes, and more. This ProWonks content makes computer science fairly easy to understand.

24x7 access to ProWonks forum:

You can ask questions in the forum. The forum questions are answered by other ProWonks coaches and students.

Free Trial class:

ProWonks offers a free trial class which you attend with no obligation. No payment or commitment of any kind is required to attend the trial. You sign up only when you like the trial class and like the assigned coach.

Fraction of the cost compared to other bootcamps:

You pay a very affordable tuition every 4-weeks. Foundation level is only $270 for every 4 weeks. Other bootcamps require tens of thousands of dollars of upfront payment or payment plan with commitment to pay tens of thousands of dollars.

No long-term commitment (contract):

You pay for ProWonks classes every 4 weeks. You can stop the class any time with a 2 week notices.